Jodi Redmond interviewed on Fox 11’s “In Depth” about Coronavirus & Education

In Depth: Explaining the new symptoms associated with COVID-19

By Hal Eisner, In Depth on FOX 11

SEGMENT C: Coronavirus and Education

Jodi Redmond, the Founder of Aureus Prep discusses the impact of the pandemic on High School and college students trying to figure out what to do about next semester with the threat of not being able to be on campus still hanging over them. She says a number of parents and students she has counseled are opting to take a gap year next year and just wait things out.  She says that any choice depends on the individual, but that students need to prioritize their own health, and just to be patient and not put too much pressure on themselves.

Redmond says that college may be unrecognizable going forward-  she thinks distance learning will definitely be continuing and she thinks many students will avail themselves of the opportunity for more flexibility and possible cheaper tuition.  She also says college enrollment is already down  11% over the past eight years and she expects it to drop even further due to students deferring and taking gap years.

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