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When founding Aureus Prep, my vision was to create a company with a unique power to engage students, provide them with true learning tools, and motivate them toward excellence. The goal was ultimately to create a pride of achievement and level of personal standards that would support each student’s success in school and in life. To do this, I knew it was imperative that we understood and expertly provided  for each student’s individual needs.

After years of experience working with students around the world, I found that in order to execute this vision, we would need a team of tutors with not only exceptional expertise within their chosen fields of knowledge, but also a unique ability to adapt to each student’s individual learning strengths, abilities, and styles of learning in order to coach them towards success in an encouraging manner, giving them an edge over their peers.

At Aureus Prep, we have– – indeed – assembled an exceptional team of expert tutors that continually places the individual needs of students as top priority and tailors teaching styles to the abilities of each student. Our tutors have the ability to gauge the level of each pupil’’s understanding, track down sources of misunderstanding, and to deal with them effectively. We do this by providing guidance and tools in a supportive environment, creating the most successful of outcomes (academic achievement). We continue to strive towards this vision each day, finding immense joy in each and every success of our students.

We look forward to many more years of this kind of success!

Jodi Redmond
Founder, Aureus Prep
Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education

Our Team

Our elite team of tutors are gifted coaches who simplify what at first appears complicated, and customize their approach to the most effective learning method of the individual student. Each tutor has one or more degrees from leading institutions, and many are professors or Ph.D. candidates. All are experts in their respective fields.

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