Accepted! Now What?

You race home from school to find an envelope addressed to you from your college of choice. Congratulations, you’’ve been accepted!

After breathing a huge sigh of relief that your recurring nightmare of not getting into college has not become your reality, you soon realize that the work isn’’t over just yet. If you’’re like most students, you applied to several colleges and universities either because you wanted to have options, or to have safety schools in case your first choice fell through. But what happens if you have had the good fortune of being accepted to not just one, but multiple universities?

This is a good problem to have. Here are five tips for making a decision if you have been accepted to multiple colleges.

1. Take some time to reflect on why you initially applied to each college. What stood out to you the most? Was it the culture, the course selection, the campus size and location, or more? Compare the colleges on each of these points and see which one matches up with your priorities.

2. Financial considerations can often lead to one obvious choice when it comes to what school you should choose. Perhaps one school offers you financial aid, a generous scholarship, or has less expensive housing options. If money is a factor for you (and it is for most), this can be a deal breaker. Compare financial aid packages and understand what is free versus what you will have to pay back in years to come.

3. Focus on your academic plan. Where do you want to be in 4 years? Are you choosing a major in marketing? Research the college’s specific department for that major to see exactly what courses you’d be required to take and what the faculty is like. One school might have more prestige for your chosen major, or more experienced and qualified professors.

4. Thinking years into the future can be difficult, but try to imagine where you see yourself post-graduation. You are going into college with the hopes of one day scoring that dream job, so investigate the career resources at each of your schools. Most college career centers offer job fairs, interview opportunities and counselors to help set you up with a job. Make sure your college has sufficient resources.

5. It can be tempting to put off important decisions; but whatever you do, don’t procrastinate! College admissions is a time-sensitive affair, so even if your decision requires serious consideration, make sure to check the timelines at each of your college choices so that you do not miss an important deadline.

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