Aureus Prep Director on Inspirational Admissions

“Jodi Redmond, Founder and Director of Aureus Prep, spoke with Brian Nickerson on a recent episode of WeAreLATech’s podcast series. Over the course of the interview—entitled “Helping Students Achieve Their Goals”—Redmond touches on a wide range of topics, from Aureus’ unique, individualized approach to admissions counseling to the importance of cultivating mindfulness and finding a good pair of sneakers. She shares how Aureus is working to help students think through their career options in terms that make more sense to them, and exposing them to hands-on learning opportunities to put their ambitions to the test. In this episode, Redmond expresses her passion for helping young people navigate the complicated years that precede adulthood, and offers insight on how to do a better job of bridging this daunting gap. She also addresses the importance of self-care and of supporting companies with social benefit. Visit the link below to hear the full interview.”

Recording :

Link to Women in tech :
Jodi Redmond of Aureus Prep, Inspirational College Admissions: Women in Tech California

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