Aureus Prep Director on Inspirational Admissions

“Jodi Redmond, Founder and Director of Aureus Prep, spoke with Brian Nickerson on a recent episode of WeAreLATech’s podcast series. Over the course of the interview—entitled “Helping Students Achieve Their Goals”—Redmond touches on a wide range of topics, from Aureus’ unique, individualized approach to admissions counseling to the importance of cultivating mindfulness and finding a good pair of sneakers. She shares how Aureus is working to help students think through their career options in terms that make more sense to them, and exposing them to hands-on learning opportunities to put their ambitions to the test. In this episode, Redmond expresses her passion for helping young people navigate the complicated years that precede adulthood, and offers insight on how to do a better job of bridging this daunting gap. She also addresses the importance of self-care and of supporting companies with social benefit. Visit the link below to hear the full interview.”

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Jodi Redmond of Aureus Prep, Inspirational College Admissions: Women in Tech California

Aureus Prep Founder Shares College Selection Tips

As high school seniors across the country finalize their college decisions and commitments for fall, the collective nervous energy of high school juniors (as well as sophomores, freshmen and their families) begins to mount. Are the right steps being taken to prepare for university? Have you started to consider what school(s) might be right for…

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How to Transfer to a Private or Out-of-State College

Transferring to a private or out-of-state college is one thing we excel in. Doing this is quite different than applying to a UC or CSU school. The minimum requirements for transfer vary from college to college, and even from major to major. This is one reason why it’s important to have a plan in place…

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The Difference a Tutor Can Make for a Student

One thing we’ve found to be true at Aureus Prep is that the positive effects imparted by tutor to student can be seen both inside and outside of the classroom. For students of all ages (first grade to graduate school), levels and courses, individualized coaching or tutoring helps to empower students by providing them with…

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Accepted! Now What?

You race home from school to find an envelope addressed to you from your college of choice. Congratulations, you’’ve been accepted! After breathing a huge sigh of relief that your recurring nightmare of not getting into college has not become your reality, you soon realize that the work isn’’t over just yet. If you’’re like…

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The Early Admissions Decision: To Apply Early or Not

It’’s no secret that competition to gain acceptance to the nation’s top colleges is fierce. Students, now more than ever, are always looking for ways to improve their odds of admission. If you’’ve narrowed down your university choices and are considering applying early to a school, the following are some interesting factors to take into…

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A Detailed Look at the AP Exam

Now that we’’ve provided an overview of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, here’’s a closer look at the exam itself. It’’s important to learn everything you should know beforehand, from signing up to scoring. About the Exams The AP courses and exams are designed by committees of college faculty and expert AP teachers. The data compiled…

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AP Courses: Making the Commitment

Advanced Placement, or AP courses, offer college-level curriculum to high school students with the opportunity to master specific subject-related skills and earn college credits at thousands of universities. AP classes are no walk in the park, but with some real commitment, you can be successful in both the course and the corresponding exam. It is…

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