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Rebecca, University of Southern California Class of 2018

I will forever consider meeting Jodi the universe’s want and the stars aligning. Our casual small talk at our first meeting blossomed into a friendship and mentorship that has allowed me access to new opportunities, the discovery of a strength and belief in myself that was once lacking, and access to the hands-down most personalized, sincere, dedicated, charismatic, and intelligent “college counselor” (she is above and beyond a college counselor to me, but an invaluable guidance) imaginable.

Jodi and Aureus Prep are entirely devoted to their students. What you want and aim to achieve is their foremost priority. Jodi prepared me for the college realm, and its application to real life situations. She gave me a realistic understanding of what my academics and extra curriculars had to offer to the colleges of my interest, while fostering a personal challenge to aim higher than I would have thought I could achieve.

In the end, with Jodi and AP’s help, devotion, and support I was admitted to every school of my choice. The endless hours with Jodi of revising, reviewing, and deciding curated not only a successful college profile (and made a seriously overwhelmed high school senior incredibly grateful for her choices),  but also a constant support-system, friend, and mentor in my moments of panic and bliss.

I am honored to be an alumna of Jodi and AP. As an upcoming sophomore at the University of Southern California studying International Relations and Global Business, I can contently, truly, and highly, highly, recommend Jodi and AP for college advisement. Thank you endlessly and eternally Jodi and AP for your guidance throughout the process… You are truly the best of the best.

Janet, Mother of a UC Berkeley Student Class of 2019

The college application process can be daunting, even for someone confident like my daughter, who is an extremely motivated self-starter. She was able to tackle the challenge of researching the many college options available, but the many options made it even more daunting. Though extremely disciplined academically, my daughter was numb in the face of  writing the required college essay (make that essays plural because there are so many supplement essays)! It was next to impossible to be able to decide what her personal statement should focus on — too many choices had her unable to know which topic was best and incapable of knowing how to edit her numerous essays to fit the required word limit. That’s where Aureus came in and saved the day. Jodi was highly recommended by a friend who had heard amazing things about Jodi’s style and effective essay tutoring. We were lucky that a student opted to choose a gap year over attending college and made a space available for our daughter to receive Jodi’s attention. Attention is an understatement. Jodi was able to focus in on what was the essence of my daughter’s passion and commitment and managed to lift the paralysis which had kept my daughter from being able to begin her essays.

Additionally, Jodi was able to communicate in a kind and respectful manner – albeit strong – how to focus on the big picture while remembering to add the nuanced details which helped to define my daughter. It’s as if my daughter’s thoughts and enthusiasm jumped off the pages of the essays and into the reader’s lap. There is no doubt in my mind that Jodi managed to keep my daughter focused on expressing herself in the most genuine way so that any college admissions officer reading her essays would not only be interested and impressed, but duly moved and entertained!  In addition to inspiring my daughter to write from her heart – in her own voice – Jodi accomplished what is equally as important, if not more difficult when one’s client is a teenager: Jodi kept my daughter on a schedule. THIS IS KEY!  There is no way our daughter would listen to us regarding deadlines, but with Jodi, she made edits and rewrites happen, even if it was the eleventh hour.  Jodi was strong and supportive and, like a great coach, raised the bar and expected our daughter to understand and meet the mandatory deadlines, something my daughter never would have done on her own or with our prodding, despite her self-discipline in most other areas.

Hiring Jodi enabled us to keep the stress at bay. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have been the one demanding to see rewrites, drafts, etc. The back-and-forth conversations, texts, 24/7 connection between Jodi and my daughter were a luxury, but all worth it — we’re at the tail end of hearing from all the schools and so far my daughter is at 100% acceptance to over a dozen schools! It is unbelievable and incredibly exciting. We are all grateful for Jodi and her Aureus Prep Team – all Ivy League grads!

Tyler, Brown University Class of 2018

Jodi Redmond was an invaluable asset during my college application process. I arrived with a decent common app essay, but Jodi helped me take apart what I had written and pointed out changes that ultimately resulted in a much more cohesive piece of writing. She was a highly skilled editor with great attention to detail, and she was very helpful throughout the various stages of supplement writing. From the first day we met to the day I turned in my application, it was very clear that Jodi has deep knowledge of the way that the college admissions process works. I am now happily studying at Brown University, and I can confidently say that Jodi helped me get here.

Sophie, UCLA Class of 2019

I remember when I started the college application process. I was a nervous wreck. My previous experiences with applying to colleges and college counselors had been less than satisfactory. Then came Jodi, who took me in even though she was no longer taking on new clients for the season (she has a waitlist and my mom had to talk her into adding me). Now I get why people are so into her. She completely changed my perspective on the application process. It was no longer this intimidating task that I couldn’t manage, but it was now a process that I confidently took control of. She was able to encourage me and guide me through the process, all while becoming an amazing friend (students totally gel with her; that’s her secret).

Jodi was able to take an unbiased look at my essays and help me edit them strategically with a perfect understanding of what each school needed. We scrapped some and started from scratch. We looked within and got really deep, which was scary but rewarding. Because of Jodi, I wasn’t nervous to hear back from the schools, but felt excited and confident. Jodi gave me back the hope that I had long lost before I met her, and thanks to her individualized work with me, I now have acceptance letters from UC Berkeley, UCLA, Wisconsin-Madison, Emory, Northeastern, UC Santa Cruz, and UC San Diego!

Sabrina, Mother of a Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Student Class of 2019

I just finished going through the college application process with my oldest son. Needless to say, things have changed since I applied to colleges many years ago!!!  So many people have shared with me the stresses they went through during this time and we did have a few of our own – but I must say that most of our stress was alleviated when we started working with Jodi Redmond at Aureus Prep. Jodi is talented, creative, organized, well educated, prepared and well versed in the art of applying to college, most especially when it comes to essay writing.  What I most appreciate about Jodi is that she taught my son a new way to write that truly helped him communicate who he is on paper.

We found her editing skills to be inspiring and were equally amazed at her ability to take 1000 words and turn them into a brilliant supplement essay that could only be 250. She held my son responsible for doing the work and getting it to her in a timely manner so that the editing process was smooth and stress free. She was happy to answer any questions I had about the process and there was open communication between her, myself, and my son from the start.  I have already signed up with her to work with my two younger sons!!! She is a gift in this process, a calm in the storm and exceptional at this work!!!!

Sabrina, Mother of a Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Student Class of 2019 (Part 2)

This is my second testimonial for Aureus Prep! Jodi Redmond and her staff at Aureus Prep are exceptional.  I have been part of the process of working with Jodi for the past three years.  She and her staff have supported, guided and assisted my older two boys through the college application process over a three year period and she will be working with my youngest when it’s his turn : )

We first hired her to help our oldest son edit his college application essays.  They worked diligently with Zach, giving him a voice in his essays yet really helping him edit them down so that they met the standard word count.  More than that though, Jodi really helped Zach learn how to write an engaging essay, one that would bring the reader into his life rather than just talking about his experiences.  Zachary is very happy at the Ross School of Business at UMich!

We started working earlier with Jodi for AJ.  She and her staff worked with him as a Junior to support him in his activities and in pursuing his interests as well as with ACT prep.  She got to know him and assisted him in looking at colleges he may not have considered without her input.  It has been another amazing experience and he has been accepted almost everywhere he has applied.  We are still waiting on a few more responses.

If you are looking for support and guidance through what can be an overwhelming experience, I highly recommend Aureus Prep!!!! I can’t say enough about their professionalism, their service and their availability throughout the process both to me as a mom and to the student with whom they are working.

Jane, Brown University Class of 2013

Jodi paid close attention to who I really am, dissected my needs, and guided me through the application process with inspiring advice and much-needed practical help. She tore down my fear of writing and, to my surprise, made the application process one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. I still thank Jodi for all the help she gave me; her support got me into Brown, the school I wanted to attend the most, and I would have never had the last four wonderful years of my life without her. Thank you Aureus!

Kelly, Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania Class of 2021

In short, working with Jodi and Aureus Prep is the best decision you could make regarding the college process. Five stars is an understatement, to say the least.

In terms of navigating the hurricane that is college admissions, Jodi Redmond and the AP team are a godsend. From finalizing my list to finding logistics and details about each school to organizing and editing my essays, I would have been completely lost without AP. Regardless of whatever issues arose (and issues abound in the college process) it was an invaluable safety net to know I could text someone who was not only extremely knowledgable about the subject but also cared a great deal about my success as a student and just me as a person. This alone made working with Jodi more than worth it.

However, the wonders of Aureus Prep did not stop there. Jodi has curated an elite team of tutors to prepare students for the ACT and SAT subject tests. To prep for the ACT, I worked with Andrew, a Stanford grad who was clearly brilliant but very sweet and easy to work with. In terms of my essays, Jodi and Emily (a successful screenwriter) did a beautiful job editing so I could present myself in the best light.

Overall, working with Jodi and Aureus Prep truly changed my life, and you would be doing yourself an extraordinary favor if you did the same.

Rachel, UC Berkeley Class of 2019

Working with Jodi and her team through the college admissions process was a game changer. They understood my goals and helped me craft an excellent application, especially the essays. I was so excited to receive my acceptances, and now I’m just figuring out which school I want to attend. It’s such a relief, and I can’t thank you guys enough for the guidance and support. Oh, and having a top team of Ivy League grads blind-read and give notes on my essays was a huge bonus!

C Leung, Harvard University Class of 2012

We just received acceptances to both Harvard and Princeton (amongst all the other acceptances). I simply can’t believe that we are so fortunate to have these options. You were there for us, encouraging us, through the entire process, and your expertise and guidance is what brought us to this point. Thank you!

Benyapa, International Student from Thailand

My experience with Aureus Prep changed my future. First, I have to say that Jodi, the director, saved my academic life. If I hadn’t met her, I’m not sure of where I would be studying right now. I was an international student at Santa Monica College and my GPA was low. I knew I would not be able to transfer, which was my goal, if things didn’t change. I heard about Aureus Prep from my sister, who was already studying with Jodi. Based on her Harvard degree, I was a bit scared. But it turned out that not only was she really nice and down-to-earth, but she excels in explaining and teaching. This is really important for an ESL speaker/learner. Whenever I didn’t understand the material, she explained it clearly and patiently until there was no question I knew what to do.

After having her as my tutor for 2 semesters, my GPA went up EXPONENTIALLY. My professors and the other students were so impressed by my improvement. She was especially great with my composition courses, which were difficult, and I ended up with As. I am so thankful that I met her. I also studied with Justin for biology, and had a great experience. Jodi ended up helping me with my college applications, and I was accepted into almost every school that I applied to.

Christine, Graduate Student at UCLA

Ten years after graduating from college, I started the process of applying to graduate school. When writing my statement of purpose for my application, I was totally overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. Jodi and her team were there to help me throughout the entire process. They helped me to put together a great essay that set my application apart from the rest and helped me to get into the school I wanted.

Kunsiri, International Student from Thailand

I’m an international student and was finding it hard to get good grades in an American university, especially in English Composition. I was struggling with the reading material (and writing) for class. The essay writing in particular was really difficult, and I was feeling as if I needed to drop the course. That was around the time that I heard about Jodi at Aureus Prep. Jodi has worked with so many international students, getting them into great universities, and she was optimistic. She looked for my weaknesses and made sure to focus on strengthening them. Not only has my English improved, but I’ve gained critical thinking skills which, I believe, is really important to a successful education and career in this country.

I started out with the tutoring almost a quarter of the semester in, which I thought was too late, but at the end of the day, I received an A in the course! I continued to study with Jodi for English 2 (also a composition and critical thinking course, which was very difficult), and got an A in that as well. I’m now working with another tutor at Aureus for my GRE prep, and it’s great. All along, Jodi was concerned not just with my specific coursework and homework, but with my overall performance and actually learning the material so that I would be able to transfer to any school that I want and do well there. Overall, I feel very lucky to have found Aureus Prep and Jodi. She makes me feel comfortable, confident, and gives me the tools and encouragement to do my best.

David, Graduate Student at the American University of Paris

When I was applying for graduate school, I was required to write a personal statement.  I knew that in order to stand out from the large number of applicants, my writing needed to be exceptional. Aureus Prep’s essay advisement services helped bring out some of my best writing, and taught me how to express myself while showing the admissions panel that I was a great fit for their program. The best part is that this was all done via Skype and email as I’m not in Los Angeles. I ended up getting accepted into the program, and I know that my personal statement had A LOT to do with it.  If you are you looking for essay advisement services and editing for college or grad school, I would absolutely recommend Aureus Prep. I worked with Jodi, the director, but they are all highly educated and experts in the admissions process.