Benyapa, International Student from Thailand

My experience with Aureus Prep changed my future. First, I have to say that Jodi, the director, saved my academic life. If I hadn’t met her, I’m not sure of where I would be studying right now. I was an international student at Santa Monica College and my GPA was low. I knew I would not be able to transfer, which was my goal, if things didn’t change. I heard about Aureus Prep from my sister, who was already studying with Jodi. Based on her Harvard degree, I was a bit scared. But it turned out that not only was she really nice and down-to-earth, but she excels in explaining and teaching. This is really important for an ESL speaker/learner. Whenever I didn’t understand the material, she explained it clearly and patiently until there was no question I knew what to do.

After having her as my tutor for 2 semesters, my GPA went up EXPONENTIALLY. My professors and the other students were so impressed by my improvement. She was especially great with my composition courses, which were difficult, and I ended up with As. I am so thankful that I met her. I also studied with Justin for biology, and had a great experience. Jodi ended up helping me with my college applications, and I was accepted into almost every school that I applied to.