Janet, Mother of a UC Berkeley Student Class of 2019

The college application process can be daunting, even for someone confident like my daughter, who is an extremely motivated self-starter. She was able to tackle the challenge of researching the many college options available, but the many options made it even more daunting. Though extremely disciplined academically, my daughter was numb in the face of  writing the required college essay (make that essays plural because there are so many supplement essays)! It was next to impossible to be able to decide what her personal statement should focus on — too many choices had her unable to know which topic was best and incapable of knowing how to edit her numerous essays to fit the required word limit. That’s where Aureus came in and saved the day. Jodi was highly recommended by a friend who had heard amazing things about Jodi’s style and effective essay tutoring. We were lucky that a student opted to choose a gap year over attending college and made a space available for our daughter to receive Jodi’s attention. Attention is an understatement. Jodi was able to focus in on what was the essence of my daughter’s passion and commitment and managed to lift the paralysis which had kept my daughter from being able to begin her essays.

Additionally, Jodi was able to communicate in a kind and respectful manner – albeit strong – how to focus on the big picture while remembering to add the nuanced details which helped to define my daughter. It’s as if my daughter’s thoughts and enthusiasm jumped off the pages of the essays and into the reader’s lap. There is no doubt in my mind that Jodi managed to keep my daughter focused on expressing herself in the most genuine way so that any college admissions officer reading her essays would not only be interested and impressed, but duly moved and entertained!  In addition to inspiring my daughter to write from her heart – in her own voice – Jodi accomplished what is equally as important, if not more difficult when one’s client is a teenager: Jodi kept my daughter on a schedule. THIS IS KEY!  There is no way our daughter would listen to us regarding deadlines, but with Jodi, she made edits and rewrites happen, even if it was the eleventh hour.  Jodi was strong and supportive and, like a great coach, raised the bar and expected our daughter to understand and meet the mandatory deadlines, something my daughter never would have done on her own or with our prodding, despite her self-discipline in most other areas.

Hiring Jodi enabled us to keep the stress at bay. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have been the one demanding to see rewrites, drafts, etc. The back-and-forth conversations, texts, 24/7 connection between Jodi and my daughter were a luxury, but all worth it — we’re at the tail end of hearing from all the schools and so far my daughter is at 100% acceptance to over a dozen schools! It is unbelievable and incredibly exciting. We are all grateful for Jodi and her Aureus Prep Team – all Ivy League grads!