Kunsiri, International Student from Thailand

I’m an international student and was finding it hard to get good grades in an American university, especially in English Composition. I was struggling with the reading material (and writing) for class. The essay writing in particular was really difficult, and I was feeling as if I needed to drop the course. That was around the time that I heard about Jodi at Aureus Prep. Jodi has worked with so many international students, getting them into great universities, and she was optimistic. She looked for my weaknesses and made sure to focus on strengthening them. Not only has my English improved, but I’ve gained critical thinking skills which, I believe, is really important to a successful education and career in this country.

I started out with the tutoring almost a quarter of the semester in, which I thought was too late, but at the end of the day, I received an A in the course! I continued to study with Jodi for English 2 (also a composition and critical thinking course, which was very difficult), and got an A in that as well. I’m now working with another tutor at Aureus for my GRE prep, and it’s great. All along, Jodi was concerned not just with my specific coursework and homework, but with my overall performance and actually learning the material so that I would be able to transfer to any school that I want and do well there. Overall, I feel very lucky to have found Aureus Prep and Jodi. She makes me feel comfortable, confident, and gives me the tools and encouragement to do my best.