Sabrina, Mother of a Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Student Class of 2019

I just finished going through the college application process with my oldest son. Needless to say, things have changed since I applied to colleges many years ago!!!  So many people have shared with me the stresses they went through during this time and we did have a few of our own – but I must say that most of our stress was alleviated when we started working with Jodi Redmond at Aureus Prep. Jodi is talented, creative, organized, well educated, prepared and well versed in the art of applying to college, most especially when it comes to essay writing.  What I most appreciate about Jodi is that she taught my son a new way to write that truly helped him communicate who he is on paper.

We found her editing skills to be inspiring and were equally amazed at her ability to take 1000 words and turn them into a brilliant supplement essay that could only be 250. She held my son responsible for doing the work and getting it to her in a timely manner so that the editing process was smooth and stress free. She was happy to answer any questions I had about the process and there was open communication between her, myself, and my son from the start.  I have already signed up with her to work with my two younger sons!!! She is a gift in this process, a calm in the storm and exceptional at this work!!!!