Sophie, UCLA Class of 2019

I remember when I started the college application process. I was a nervous wreck. My previous experiences with applying to colleges and college counselors had been less than satisfactory. Then came Jodi, who took me in even though she was no longer taking on new clients for the season (she has a waitlist and my mom had to talk her into adding me). Now I get why people are so into her. She completely changed my perspective on the application process. It was no longer this intimidating task that I couldn’t manage, but it was now a process that I confidently took control of. She was able to encourage me and guide me through the process, all while becoming an amazing friend (students totally gel with her; that’s her secret).

Jodi was able to take an unbiased look at my essays and help me edit them strategically with a perfect understanding of what each school needed. We scrapped some and started from scratch. We looked within and got really deep, which was scary but rewarding. Because of Jodi, I wasn’t nervous to hear back from the schools, but felt excited and confident. Jodi gave me back the hope that I had long lost before I met her, and thanks to her individualized work with me, I now have acceptance letters from UC Berkeley, UCLA, Wisconsin-Madison, Emory, Northeastern, UC Santa Cruz, and UC San Diego!