The study of history is primarily thought of as the memorization of dates and facts. However, at its core, the study of history is about explanation of why events happened and how these events relate to one another. When tutoring for the SAT US History subject test, the AP World History exam, or even basic social studies, our tutors help our students create the narratives and relationship maps between events that will enable students to remember the specifics clearly and to devise compelling arguments and essays utilizing those facts. In addition, our targeted and individualized approach allows us to move at the student’s ideal pace, targeting the causes of a student’s struggles in order to come up with the most effective remedies.

Aureus Prep history tutors can help with whatever social studies or advanced history assignment a student is working on – from homework to studying for finals to researching a paper. Our history tutors are experts in the field – most have Ph.Ds from leading institutions – and can cover every skill level, from elementary through graduate level courses. Whether a student is still learning the basics or is mastering advanced concepts, we offer only the highest level of support and are masters at meeting our students’ needs.

In addition to helping students with their history coursework and assignments, Aureus Prep history tutors have expertise in working with students on the following courses and tests:

  • SAT US History Subject Test
  • SAT World History Subject Test
  • AP US History
  • AP US Government
  • AP European History
  • AP World History


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