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International students attending school in the United States for the first time often experience an acute sense of disorientation. Adapting to both conversational English as well as a new academic environment can be challenging. These students are confronted by a new social and academic culture, and often need to seek outside help. Students in this situation need reassurance as well as assistance with adapting to the demands of a new institution (high school or university) and meeting the demands of a higher degree.

Aureus Prep has been successful at meeting International Students’ needs in a variety of forms. Though the ultimate goal of our work with our International students may be helping to attain top grades (especially in English or writing courses) in a specific course or obtaining admission or transfer to a university, we offer a number of individualized services that respond to the challenge of each student’’s particular situation.

Our International Tutoring Experience

We have been working with international students from various regions of the world for the past 13 years and are particularly successful with helping students around the globe apply and become accepted to top institutions and with tutoring international students through their first and second year college courses. In addition, we are well-known for our work in helping community college students (specifically Santa Monica College international students) obtain the help they need to transfer to the UC schools as well as top universities throughout the nation.

In addition to general college coursework, our expert tutors and advisors are adept at helping with the following:

  •  Facilitating learning and enhancing the student experience
  •  Communicating with international students not yet fluent in English
  •  Speaking to be understood
  •  Listening to understand
  •  Ensuring that both social and academic needs are supported, particularly during the first year of study.
  •  Helping students gain greater competence in the English language
  •  Promoting a better understanding of American culture and cross-cultural differences.
  •  College Admissions assistance
  •  Assistance in transferring to another university (public and private)

Aureus Prep International Student Tutors:

Our ESL tutors have strong backgrounds in oral and written communication as well as vast experience working specifically with International Students. We have graduate degrees from top universities, speak grammatically correct English, have an in-depth knowledge of college course material as well as admissions experience, and have patience, empathy, and an inherent interest in working with students from various nations.

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