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Studying a foreign language with the help of a tutor gives helps students develop and hone a variety of lifelong tools. It enables students to recognize how nonnative languages work and to gain a more thoughtful understanding of their native language. By pursuing a second language, students learn how to use their first language with greater precision and purpose. In addition, knowledge of a second language serves students very well in the interconnected world, opening the door to greater job opportunities in the global economy and making these relationships more accessible via communication.

However, learning a new language takes great effort and time, and can prove to be the most difficult task for many students. Aureus Prep language tutors not only have an excellent grasp of each language they teach, whether it be Spanish, French, Mandarin or more, but they also thoroughly understand the process of language acquisition and the specific challenges that English speakers encounter when learning a new language. Our sessions focus on learning of the new structure of the given language, such as grammar, usage, and word order so as to use it effectively, but also on phonological differences in sound system between the mother tongue and the new language.

In addition to helping students with their language coursework, Aureus Prep offers tutoring and test prep for students working on the following foreign languages:

  • Chinese – Mandarin
    (Including prep for AP Chinese Language and Culture & SAT Chinese subject test)
  • French
    (Including prep for AP French Language & SAT French subject test)
  • German
    (Including prep for AP German & SAT German subject test)
  • Italian
    (Including prep for AP Italian Language and Culture & SAT Italian subject test)
  • Spanish
    (Including prep for AP Spanish & SAT Spanish subject test)
  • Russian
  • Latin
    (Including prep for AP Latin & SAT Latin subject test)


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