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Science tutoring involves not only successful mastery of the subject matter, but the ability to explain complicated processes and concepts in a way that each student will understand. Aureus Prep science tutors have a unique capacity for this and use an approach consistent with what educational research has found about how students learn the nature and process of science. The most effective instruction in the area of science is explicit and reflective, providing multiple opportunities for students to work with key concepts in various contexts so that true learning is obtained.

We know just what sort of instruction works best for each student – based on how he or she learns and on age-appropriate learning goals – and which concepts are most difficult for students to learn. At Aureus Prep, our belief is that simple shifts in how content and activities are approached can make a big difference in overcoming student misconceptions and building the most accurate views of the process of science. This is why students come away from our science tutoring sessions with not only a deeper understanding of their course material, but with an appreciation of the intricacies of science and an excitement to learn more.

Aureus Prep science tutors are available to assist students with the following science courses and tests:


  • California State Science Tests
  • Biology
  • SAT Biology Subject Test
  • AP Biology


  • SAT Chemistry Subject Test
  • AP Chemistry
  • General Chemistry I and II (College)
  • Organic Chemistry I and II (College)
  • CLEP Chemistry


  • SAT Physics Subject Test
  • AP Physics B
  • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • CLEP Physics


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