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Teaching how to write is one of the most important life-long skills an educator can impart to his or her students. Each stage of the writing process builds on the last, and each subsequent stage is often much more difficult if the previous stage has not yet been learned properly. Our writing tutors have specialized degrees and experience in the subject, and can work with students to effectively communicate, evaluate, summarize ideas and more through their writing.

No matter the age or current writing skill level of the student, Aureus Prep writing tutors have a unique ability to diagnose the causes of a student’s struggles with writing and can come up with the most effective remedies. We do this by focusing on the reasoning processes that accompany the writing process and then by helping students to understand and develop the skills required to create cogent, persuasive, and readable prose. Whether it’s a student who needs help with the basic conventions of writing, drafting an essay, creative writing, or the drafting and writing of college papers, Aureus Prep offers only the best.

Our writing tutors are also expert at preparing students for the following tests:

  • AP English Literature and Language
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • SAT Literature subject test
  • All levels of writing, from basics to college papers


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